Studying the Arts

Does studying the arts really matter? For most people the answer is “maybe” even on the verge of “why should it? It doesn’t pay the bills!” These people do not fully understand the impact art has on their day to day life. For instance, the word Nike most people recognize as a shoe name brand. While few may really know were the word originates and therefore why a company would choose use it as its iconic symbol. Or how about why a minivan would be called Odyssey? These and many other common words and phrases we use everyday were first associated with the arts and history. Countless ideas, philosophies and beliefs have been woven into our societies with the use of paintings, sculptures, architecture, music, theater, literature, dance and now cinema. A good number of these ideas, philosophies and beliefs have simple origins. They were usually of no particular consequence outside of those who created them. However, over time they have had an immense impact on humanities view of the world due to our ever intertwining relationships with one another. The reason for studying art and history is to understand these ideas, philosophies and beliefs outside of our comfort zone. If we as individuals do not strive to become aware of cultural differences throughout the evolution of mankind we are in no uncertain terms willing to live in darkness.

No one can make you learn and no one can limit what or how much you learn. The only limits one has are the limits they have placed upon themselves with preconceived notions. So, I ask you to leave your preconceived notions at the door and open your mind to infinite possibilities.


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